Gadget Emporium is a supplier of Electronic Equipment primarily focused on Asset Tracking solutions. The Company was originally started to supply personal tracking devices but has since expanded into the supply and fitting of units into the industrial, mining and automotive sectors using both RF and GPS tracking units and IOT solutions.


Since our inception in 2016, we have helped our clients secure and retrieve a multitude of items. These events range from tracking inventory whilst in transit, supplying personal tracking units to track family member. We support various applications in the mining sector as well. We specialise in the tracking of any movable item where such items are displayed on a global website with pin point accuracy.

Our Services

Gadget Emporium supplies the following:

Personal Tracking

Asset Tracking in both Domestic and Industrial Sectors

Suppliers to the Automotive Tracking Sector

Bespoke Solutions to various Industries.

IOT Solutions in both RF and GPS.