New Mini Phone BM10

New Mini Phone BM10


R 280


Do you love old mobile phone age? The battery lasted for almost a week, Snake was the only “app” you needed and the display just big enough to see something? You can get the L8STAR BM10 mini mobile phone in the Nokia 3310 style for less than R300. But what do you need it for?

The  BM10 – a miniature  3310 styled phone

Those who don’t immediately think of the 3310 styled phone with the BM10 should probably not be born until this millennium. In fact, it is a bit more similar to the new edition of the 3310 overall. But with dimensions of 6.80 x 2.80 x 1.30 cm it is much smaller than the original (11.3 cm), hence the name “Mini Cell Phone”. The OLED display is also very small with a diagonal of 0.66 inches, even smaller than the current Smartwatches .The display is of course so small because it is operated via the keys.

In addition to the numeric keypad, the BM10 Mini mobile phone is equipped with a control pad, call keys and two function keys. At the back there is only the loudspeaker.

Main Features:
● It can be used as mobile phone when inserting a nano SIM card
● It makes the message synchronization by Bluetooth
● Compatible with mobile phones and pads with built-in Bluetooth function
● Used as a Bluetooth phone for making a call, listening to music
● Easy to carry and operation, hands-free from mobile phone and tablet PC
Screen Size:  0.66 inch
Bluetooth:     BT3.0
SIM Card:       dual nano SIM card and 1 TF card can be inserted at the same time
Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz