Custom Tracking

  • Need custom Tracking!

We provided personalized car tracking solutions. That can be monitored by computer,  for personal use, or can also be used for tracking of a small fleet management.

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 (Best product or asset management & asset recovery over along range)

The RF Unit’s long range radio frequency identification device (RFID) accurately guides recovery teams to an asset.

Main features of the RF Unit are the following:

  • Long distance (60km from the air typical). Typical distance flat on the ground 30km to 40km line of sight range using the hand held reader.
  • Long life battery 3 to 4 years.
  • Miniature size (size of matchbox)
  • Ideal for recoveries and control of assets without permanent power i.e. animals, portable tools, laptops, rifles, helmets, motorcycles, vehicles, trailers, scuba equipment, golf bags, and all high risk assets
  • The RF Unit movement alert sensor can be activated (is default deactivated)
  • Other models in the range include the Cable theft models which automatically alarms on movement or high Voltage power loss. Stolen cable, pipes or assets fitted with the RFID can be located.

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